Nelscott Dark Blend

  • Italian Dark Roast
  • Colombia, Papua New Guinea & Guatemala
  • Toasted Pastry Aroma, Full Body, Roasted Finish

Named after our favorite section of beach, the Nelscott Dark Roast is perfect for those who like things a little bit bolder.

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John Nov 25th 2022

Nelscott Dark Roast - AeroPress Grind

Just north of Whale Cove in Depoe Bay (site of the fishing scene in the 1975 film, 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' ) is the coffee shop and roasters of a fine selection of beans. My thanks and appreciation for providing a specific grind for AeroPress and pour over brewing systems.

Paula Turner Nov 25th 2022

Great tasting coffee

I was given the Nelscott Dark roast coffee at a local hotel in Lincoln City to use with a French press. It was outstanding. I raved so much that my husband bought two bags on-line when we got home, and I've been using it with my espresso machine ever since. If you like dark roast coffee, you'll love this one.

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