Left Coast OG Blend

  • Medium Roast
  • Pacific Island, Central & South American Blend
  • Smooth, Chocolaty Roasted Nuts 

Our flagship blend of Pacific Island, Central & South American beans, all mixed together to create the ultimate cup of coffee. Left Coast is the Best Coast, and after drinking this coffee, you'll understand why.

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16 Reviews

Maggie Jun 2nd 2020


I usually don’t find most kcups that good. It’s either to weak or it tastes like burnt coffee. NOT these kcups. I don’t know how they did it but it’s the only kcup that tastes exactly like it was just brewed. I will definitely be a life long member.

Tony May 17th 2020

Excellent brew

I found these guys offering to deliver coffee to the doorstep for free during the covid lockdown, they were local and I wanted to help. Lucky for me it was the best coffee, bar none, I have ever made myself at home!

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