Beach Blond Blend

( 2 Reviews )
  • Light Roast
  • Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Central America
  • Almond Aroma, Bright Body, Chocolate Finish

Left Coast Coffee company was born at the beach, so the Beach Blond is true to our hearts. A light, bright roast that helps you get the day started off right!

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2 Reviews

Alec L Doede Jun 18th 2019

Excellent Coffee!

V60, Aeropress, Clever Dripper, Drip. All make an amazing cup with this blend. It is good and light, so you get the complexity, but it is blended which brings balance and a full body, even if your extraction isn't 100% on point. And if your extraction is 100% on point, then all the better. I bought a 2lb bag of the single origin Peru, and 12oz of this. I'll be getting another 2lb of each here soon. They are both amazing. I typically have to spend $18/lb for coffee this good.

Mattie Mar 15th 2019

Blonde Is Better!

So smooth and delicious! I love using this as an espresso bean in my home machine, it produces a super smooth shot and has more caffeine than darker roasts, bonus! One of my favorite blends hands down!

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