The "LEFT COAST Latte" Syrup


The original "LEFT COAST Latte" syrup as developed by our founders over 25 plus years of chasing the perfect cup. 

An organic cane syrup infused with Madagascar Vanilla, Dark Espresso and Swiss Cocoa - and a whole lot of love!

Our only signature syrup specifically blended to create the perfect compliment to our coffees. Sweetening and enhancing the natural flavors. 

Great for use in Lattes, Cappuccinos and Mochas of course, but also in your daily brew, atop ice cream, even a little in your Rice Krispies is not unheard of.

Enough for 35-50 12oz beverages -- Unless you've really got a sweet tooth! 


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12 Reviews

Amy May 17th 2023


Delicious! We went to Left Coast a few years back on a road trip. Great little family owned shop that I'll visit again someday. Until then, I'll keep ordering! :)

Jan Howard Dec 27th 2022


I absolutely love this syrup. Only a small amount is needed in your coffee. It is also great poured over vanilla ice cream. Left Coast Coffee is my favorite, I plan my trips to the beach around visiting the shop.

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