Don't keep the goods all to yourself!

Perform some #RandomActsOfCoffee!

Things have been tough this year, there's no denying that. But coffee has been there for us, each of us...

There when we stayed up too late glued to the news.

There for us when we became teachers overnight.

There for us when we finally got to get back together and reconnect.

Coffee is our friend!

Something else that's kept our spirits high has been the random acts of kindness done by people all around the world.

Now's your chance to combine the two! Perform some #RandomActsOfCoffee and spread the good cheer!

Send some coffee to a friend, a relative, a co-worker, a frontline worker or how about to your local ER or Fire-station?

We could all use more coffee and kindness in our lives! 

Act now! - Use code PayItForward for an 11% discount for your lucky recipients and even yourself!

What's more is that in all cases where this code is used we will donate 50% of proceeds to our favorite local charity "Beach Buddies". A non-secular, non-profit organization focused on creating socializing opportunities and excursions for developmentally disabled adults here in our local community.

Now how cool are you? Go on, getcha' some!

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