OG Blend "Individual Cup" For Keurig


Our flagship blend of Pacific Island, Central & South American beans, all mixed together to create the ultimate cup of coffee. Left Coast is the Best Coast, and after drinking this coffee, you'll understand why.

  • Fits All Keurig Machines
  • 12 To A Box
  • Medium Roast
  • Pacific Island, Central & South American Blend
  • Smooth, Chocolaty Roasted Nuts
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17 Reviews

Carolyn S Nov 25th 2022

OG Blend K Cups

I recently got gifted a small Keurig maker. I immediately ordered a box of K Cups from my favorite coffee shop, Left Coast Coffee. I was hesitant about owning a Keurig as in the past as I was not thrilled with the quality of coffee that the K cups produced. I figured if anyone can make this gift a success, it is Left Coast Coffee. I was not disappointed. The quality was superb providing the deep mellow tasty cup of OG Blend that I adore. So happy with my gift and thrilled to have Left Coast Coffee K cups as my go to morning brew.

Palmer II Jul 12th 2022

Left Coast is BEST COFFEE!

I searched a long time for the coffee blend that I truly and throughly enjoy. Left Coast’s O.G. is delicious and very satisfying. If you’re like me and love a blonde coffee with robust flavor please give O.G. a try. One things for certain…
You’ll like it!

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