Devils Lake Decaf

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  • Dark French Roast
  • Columbia & Central America
  • Roasty, Toasty Aroma, Dark Chocolate & Nutty

Decaf coffee isn't for everyone. Some say what's the point? Well, after a cup of our French Roast Decaf, like a fun day on Devils Lake, you'll understand what the point is.

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1 Review

Paul Apr 16th 2019

From the land of coffee snobs

The last thing you would think Seattle needs is to have coffee shipped to it. I'm sure that someplace in this city you can buy coffee that has been blessed by all major religions as well as gotten the nod from our dwindling pods of orcas. But on a trip through Oregon we stopped by Left Coast coffee and on pain of not being let back in my home state, it was better than anything I had had before. Full and the aftertaste stays full without changing to bitter.

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