Devils Lake Decaf

  • Dark French Roast
  • Colombia & Central America
  • Roasty, Toasty Aroma, Dark Chocolate & Nutty

Decaf coffee isn't for everyone. Some say what's the point? Well, after a cup of our French Roast Decaf, like a fun day on Devils Lake, you'll understand what the point is.

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Elizabeth Figus Mar 19th 2024

Devil's Lake Decaf is Phenomenal!

My partner and I live in Juneau, AK, and are always searching for new yummy coffees to try. We dont typically enjoy decaf but we drink so much coffee that we try to use decaf in the afternoons. I made my first order of Left Coast coffee last month (finally!) after hearing about this brand from my aunt and uncle. I am SO glad I did because this is amazing! I never thought I would find a decaf that I enjoy just as much as a regular coffee, but here it is!
I can't wait to try more varieties!

Dina Mar 15th 2024

Decaf coffee

Left Coast coffee is THE ABSOLUTE BEST coffee ever. I use it in my espresso machine and it has made every other coffee taste really blah, even my favorite drive through place on the way to work! Now I have to get up early just so I can make mine at home. I found it in Lincoln City while we were on vacation and now I'm ordering from their website, which was easy and the shipping was really fast! Love, love, love this coffee, I'm so glad I happened to find it!

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