Brazil, Fazenda Sertao

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A medium roast from the Fazenda Sertao family farm in Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais. This family farm has been tended to by different generations of the Peireira family, each ensuring their coffee is grown using traditional methods and a caring hand. A flavorful and complex body lends to a sweet note of sugar and cocoa, a perfect cup for any time of the day. 

Medium Roast

Rich, Heavy Body

Raw Sugar, Cocoa and Golden Raisin

Single Origin


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2 Reviews

Tony Russell Dec 4th 2021

Brazil, Fazenda Sertao

We have a daughter-in-law from Brazil who is now living in the USA. She tried the Brazilian coffee and had an emotionally back home in Brazil with a sip of this coffee. Thank you.

Evan Jul 24th 2020

Brazil Fazenda Sertao

Super tasty blend! Very rich, warm profile

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